Sentence to break: the keys to choosing your break words!


If you are not feeling at the top of your relationship, you may want to end your story and get out there. Indeed, the good moments of the beginning are only a distant memory, and you want to find your freedom! But you do not want to do it anyhow. You are therefore looking for a sentence to break without hurting the other, in order to separate you from your partner with the most serenity possible.

Paradoxically, there are two complicated moments in a relationship: the first step to seduce someone we like that is sometimes very complicated to do, and when it comes to breaking. To put together or to break is the same case because you think about the ideal way to proceed! So to leave him, you can express all your feelings to him, tell him your pain, and try to round off the angles to break gently, or you can also be very cash and do it a little more full-bodied, without exceeding certain limits.

Yes you have surely suffered, yes you can blame him, and yes wish you to finish as soon as possible. But to avoid doing anything and especially to avoid you to do things you could regret (especially if at any time your ex still ends up missing you!) You will find in this article the 20 sentences to know for put an end to a relationship without causing a cataclysm, or at least minimizing it as much as possible.

Why should you use the best sentence to break possible?

That's it you've decided to leave it but you do not really know how to go about it. tell him the painful news ! There are mainly three reasons that lead to choosing one's sentences to break up and the words one will utter when one reveals one's intentions of celibacy to someone who may still love us.

1 / I want to finish a romantic relationship but without hurting!

There is nothing more complicated to do than to announce a news that will hurt a man or a woman who counts in our eyes. Indeed, even if we wish separatewe do not want to cause pain in someone who has shared moments with us, yet we know that it is inevitable and that tears will flow.

Fortunately, it is possible to mitigate the suffering of the other by adopting a behavior of circumstance and by choosing a sentence to break smoothly. So there are many ways to go about it. Both on the form, that is to say on the way of doing that on the words to use.

So you will have to think about how to proceed and for that you do not have 50 solutions. It is possible to send a breaking message or do it face to face. To choose the right way to do it, you will have to take into account the character of the one who will be your ex in the future and more particularly of his sensitivity.

To avoid hurting someone unnecessarily, you have to weigh your words and choose sentences to break that will not be too direct.

2 / I do not want to hurt her by respect

When we have lived with a person, especially when the relationship has been long and we have had children, there is a form of respect to be had. This both for the person but also for the lived history.

Do you know that you will have to see you again and that you have to act with tact but also with respect. You can not behave without thinking of the consequences that will come later.

Therefore, the more you act in respecting each other and the more things will be done smoothly. On the other hand, that does not mean that we have to procrastinate or not to say things clearly.

3 / I want to find a good break sentence because I have class!

Let it be clear, there is no such thing as a nice break-up sentence, a phrase that will not cause pain and will pass like a letter in the mail.

It is not because it no longer goes between you and you are no longer happy or happy (it is probably the reasons that now push you to leave) that you have to behave without take into consideration the distress of a person who has counted.

But sometimes, the desire to find the best sentence to break possible is more motivated by egoism. Let me explain…

Some people want to avoid having remorse and especially to have a good conscience so to act as best as possible. So, they will be able to say that they have done things with class and that they have nothing to reproach themselves!

And finally, even if it's a little narcissistic behavior, so much so avoid someone to suffer, why not ?!

The TOP 3 sentences to break

Sometimes, in a relationship that may have been perfect in the past, breakup is inevitable! You feel that love has vanished just like your desire. But separation is not going to go wrong, it's up to you to make the decision on how you will tell your partner that you want to break up.

So I could quote you a hundred sentences to breakbut that would be useless because you would not know which one to choose! So to better guide you, I will offer you my top 3 best phrases to leave his / her partner.

Sentence break # 1:

"I do not know if I'm up to it, it makes me doubt my ability to make you happy (or happy). I need to step back and I prefer to break up. "

Thanks to this sentence, you will pass for the good person who leaves the other with reluctance not because he / she does not love him anymore but simply because he / she feels below the other. While true or false, you will put your future ex-partner in the best position to accept the breakup and deal with it.

 2th sentence to break:

"I feel very close but precisely this complicity makes me say that we should remain friends."

With this sentence, it is sure that your partner will not be very happy, but hey the only thing that you seek is to find your freedom, something that you will have thanks to this sentence. We must still be prepared not to receive a very favorable response! Indeed, if you lived in a relationship of love and your partner is still in love with you, he / she may refuse your proposal because he / she does not see you at all as a friend .

Sentence to break n ° 3:

"It's better to get separated before I hurt you."

So yes it's a loose phrase but it's also a sentence that is sincere especially if you feel that your partner is in a strong sentimental dependence speaking. If you know that you will not invest so much in your relationship and you may even go elsewhere, it is better to protect your partner by leaving before the damage is done!

Message of rupture: the 5 most soft

When we want to break up with someone we still love or do not want to see suffering, we have to go about it in a nice way and find the words to break so as not to hurt him! Indeed, you have lived beautiful things together and whether you still love it or not, you are and will remain attached to him / her.

1 / It's very difficult, but I thought about it and made the decision to leave you.

2 / I always have something for you but it's no longer love so reason has taken precedence over the heart.

3 / I'm sorry, I do not want to hurt you but we are happier together.

4 / It's no use that I continue to pretend and lie to you as well. You saw that I was moving away and I prefer that we stop there before we tear.

5 / My feelings have faded and I no longer feel the same love for you. Besides, I feel that it's a little bit the same for you.

So here you can use one of these 5 sentences if you want to break and announce it softly to your partner to do the least possible harm.

Another alternative, but which it is likely to do a little more harm is the franchise. Discover the 5 below sentences to break honestly.

Phrases to break: the 5 most frank

Sometimes, when a break occurs, it is not necessary not go through four ways to announce it ! If you do not know which sentence to use, be simple! Open up and tell him the truth instead of beating around the bush.

Here are 5 sentences that will allow you to announce the break in a very frank way. But be sure to deal with someone who expects you to make this announcement or who will not be too destabilized by your words or your message to leave his friend or your sms to break up with a girl.

1 / "I do not love you anymore, I can not force myself to love you anymore!"

2 / "I fell in love with someone else"

3 / "I suffer too much with you, you do not make me happy / happy."

4 / "Our relationship will not lead to anything, we have no common project."

5 / "I want to resume my life as a bachelor, regain my freedom!"

It must be said that the franchise is often a solution when you can however have a little tact. But now, we must dare to behave like that and tell the truth to the other, even to hurt him. So if you do not dare open your heart and see the other suffer in front of you, you can also use a slightly more hypocritical way to break with the one with whom you still share a relationship.

Sentence to break: the 5 less honest!

When you want break up with someone who counted for usit may be that we dare not really tell him but when there is no choice and we must do it, we can act too loosely. So if you want to say it by scrolling a little, use one of these 5 sentences to announce a break.

1 / "I'm leaving you but it's my fault, I realize that I'm not up to it."

2 / "I met someone, but it came down to me by chance, I did not foresee all that."

3 / "I do not feel quite ready to put myself seriously in a relationship."

4 / "I made the decision to break up, but I will always be there for you."

5 / "I leave you, but it is for our good and especially for your good because I felt you unhappy / unhappy."

Now it only remains to make the right choice, that is to say, to privilege the sentence to break that will allow you to do the least possible harm to the one you plan to leave but also that will ensure you to be well understood or understood.

You Advisor,

Coach Vladimir