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Save my relationship with my fiance


Christian Couple Blog is a platform of consolation and encouragement for all those who have relationship difficulties. God gave me a heart for restoration, healing relationships. Many have already experienced healing in their marriage and I firmly believe that God will do even greater things and that this year we will hear extraordinary testimonies.

This site attracts different groups of people in difficulty.

A group that comes back a few times and to which I have a heart to address today is that of women dating and who would like God to restore a broken relationship during dating or during engagement and saves man they love.

In most cases that I encounter, the relationship has broken down because of a "disloyalty" of the man (he lives in debauchery), of a problem of behavior (sickly jealousy, violence, big anger) or addiction (alcohol, drugs ...). These women are often desperate, would like to save their couple and often ask me what to do in these cases.

My advice

I would like to begin by telling you - if this is your case - that it is better to be alone than poorly accompanied. To those who are married, I usually recommend perseverebecause God restores marriages in difficulties and several testimonials have been posted on this site. But to singles, I say ... ADVANCE!

Leave this man where he is. And go ahead. You can not save him. You can not change it. I strongly advise you not to engage in missionary attendance (attendance with the hope of bringing the other to give his life to Jesus), because you expose yourself to a lot of torment.

A man who refuses to change and take responsibility for his own life is not ready for marriage. It is better for this man to be alone because if he does not manage to be responsible for his own life, he will not be more responsible for yours and that of your children.

A man who can not take his responsibilities, is not fit to be a head of a family. Click to tweet

Everyone has flaws and we all need to grow up with God. In choosing your future spouse, prefer someone who is in Christ, who is aware of his limitations, has good will to change and expects God for that. Because God is able to arouse in such people the will and do it at His pleasure and to give them the ability to overcome what previously dominated them.

If he does not have Christ in him and lives in sexual immorality, leave him where he is and ADVANCE. To live in sexual immorality is like giving force to the enemy, selling one's life, binding one's soul ... A man who has no consideration for his own life will not know how to value yours. And chances are he's cheating on you after marriage, even if he's coming back to you.

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A man who self-destructs with alcohol, drugs and does not take responsibility for getting help to get out, will not be able to take care of you and your children. He will bring destruction into your life, by his words, his choices ...

Do not go with the angry man, do not go with the violent man! You would get used to his trails and they would become a trap for you. (Proverbs 22: 24-25)

If he is aggressive before the wedding, violent in his words (even physically) during the dating, ADVANCE ... Do not try to restore this type of relationship!

If he does not fear God, he will neither know how to love you nor honor you as God asks you.

Some women did not have the opportunity to see these things before time and married men who were not ready for marriage. Today, they pay bitterly. They consume every day the fruits of this blindness they had before marriage.

Through what you are going through now, the Lord exposes these flaws of character to protect you and to save you many years of suffering. Amen? So be wise!

Here is my advice : Did he leave you during dating for another woman (or several women) and does not want you anymore? Let him go. Is your relationship harmed because he is violent or addicted to something? Do not try to restore this relationship. God has delivered you from the worst. ADVANCE!

Spend time with the Lord so that He will restore you internally. Invest in yourself. Seek out your talents and the purpose for which God has sent you to the earth and begin to fulfill your destiny, that is, to do what you are called to do.

In the meantime, keep your eyes open, take care of yourself and give yourself the opportunity to meet people.Do not ruin your youthful years trying to "save" a man who is irresponsible towards himself and does not love himself. It's a waste of time.

I pray that the grace of God abounds in your life!