How to react a man who does not give you news?


You are in a relationship but you do not understand why your man is depriving you of new ones? Do you feel that you can not count on him and would you like to tell him? How to make a man react so that he can write to you or call you?

Sometimes men get away in a relationship. If you are in this situation and it lasts longer than usual, it is necessary to take action to make your man react positively!

Ladies, find out in this article, all the tricks you can make to react a man so that he is more involved in your relationship.

Why do not men give you news?

You can imagine that your partner has no more thoughts or feelings for you, but yet a man will sometimes have a good excuse that can explain his silence. It is necessary not to get carried away in a one-way communication or not to put it in cantilever as long as it did not explain itself.

I have long been tempted to say that men were able to do two things at the same time, but now I think it's pretty wrong!

Do not expect to receive a message if it arrives at your destination for a business trip because it will be difficult to find your way while thinking of sending you an SMS. Similarly, if your man has a busy day of work, you will not receive any news. He needs to be 100% focused on what he does or lives. Nevertheless, there are tips formake a man react which is too distant for your taste.

Can the dispute restore order?

In some cases, for make a man reactit is necessary to express oneself firmly without going to the argument. However, I invite you to take the time to express your desires, to get your message across so that your man understands your exact expectations and gradually advances the situation.

Do not expect to see a radical change overnight because doing so would be unnatural, especially if your partner is very independent. On the contrary, congratulate him when he takes a small step forward and you feel that it is going in the right direction. Take care to make him want to send you news and not see your expectations as constraints, at the risk of rushing and make him leave permanently.

Be imaginative in your messages and do not repeat the same thing every day. Be interesting and ask him as much in your exchanges.

What attitude to adopt to react a man?

Coaching exercise that I propose requires that you bring a sheet and a pen to find the clearest possible message that you could pass to your partner. What are you waiting for CLEARLY from him and the new communication that you want to establish?

Take all the notes that go through your head. In a second time, I will ask you to imagine the ideal situation, that which would suit you and which would allow you to be reassured. Once in the lead, you can write it there again precisely.

The goal is to prepare the dialogue with the mission to convey your message and not only to "say things". To react a distant manyou need to have a constructive dialogue, detail your arguments and your ideal relationship. Be careful though, because he too can ask that you listen to him and that you understand his arguments.

Your man will understand you more easily and he will be able to change his behavior, but sometimes it has to go both ways!

He gives no more news, does that mean he is less in love?

When a man does not give you any more news, it is legitimate that you think of a loss of his feelings. As I explained to you in this article, there are many important factors that can explain his attitude. If you have the impression that his behavior is too recurrent, then I invite you to take a slight distance to find a form of challenge around the saying "Am I flee you, flee me I follow you".

After that, you will not have to ask for anything. If he does not give you more news, it is not to hear "I love you" or "But why you do not write me more", it would be a negative attitude to your situation. It's the other way around, the less you'll complain to offer pleasant moments and the more you can rekindle the flame between you.

You now know how to take action to regain control and revive the positive in your relationship. I sincerely wish you the best and think POSITIVE 🙂

Good communication to all.

Your personal Love Coach to know "Why does not he give me more news?",